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While many phones today are quite affordable, reading reviews is of utmost importance before making any mobile phone purchase. Although other users’ opinions are very useful, it is crucial to remember not to pick one because it is currently the most popular phone and everyone else is buying it. What you need are trusted reviews that will educate you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of a specific handset and which will aid you in making an informed decision.

Aside from comparing prices, the most vital aspect of phone shopping is to know the unit’s specifications, operating system, manufacturer, and performance. You also have to consider whether a certain device is easy to operate and suits your usage and taste. Not because you can afford the newest and most coveted gadget doesn’t mean that it is for you. While budget plays a major role in choosing your first or next smartphone, it’s more on value for money than plain affordability, and this is what Planet Mobiles aims for our readers to realize.

What We Do?

Planet Mobiles is the leading mobile phone review site in the UK. We provide factual, straight to the point reviews that will give you the most vital information you need to know about today’s top phones. Our goal is to help you make the most out of your mobile phone purchase, ensuring that you are kept well informed about the latest handset releases and what each has to offer. We know that there are plenty of phone options today that buying one can become really overwhelming for new and old smartphone users alike. Despite the ever-intensifying competition in the mobile phone arena, we strive to present clear and honest reviews for you to come up with a sound choice. This site will be kept updated as newer phones are released in the succeeding months and years.

We’d like to clarify that we are by no means affiliated to mobile phone manufacturers, nor do we promote or sell any devices of a particular brand. Planet Mobiles is merely a mobile review site that lists down the phone’s features and functionalities in a plain and easy to understand manner. While we do provide phone specs, we avoid being too technical but rather focus on what’s really important and what the user wants to know, such as performance and the pros and cons.

The increasing demand for mobile phones is truly undeniable, in fact nowadays, a mobile phone can be considered a must-have for most people. Aside from being a major means for communication, many of our day-to-day tasks can be done via mobile, such as sending emails, accessing social media, organizing tasks, and getting all sorts of entertainment. Because of this ever-growing demand, the natural response of mobile manufacturers is to continually produce and update new releases in order to keep up with the tough competition in the mobile market.

The arrival of smartphones is probably the greatest thing that has happened to the mobile world to date. Gone are the days when phones are used merely for placing calls and texts. Black and white games are goners, and VGA cameras are so yesterday. Today, being able to take decent photos and videos, watch movies, play high-quality games, and surf the net are pretty standard. It all comes down to how each phone stands out in every aspect and how it responds fluidly and efficiently on every task you throw at it. In finding your perfect smartphone, there should be a balance of appearance, specs, performance, and budget. If it is your first time jumping into the smartphone arena, it is even more important that you check the top releases here in our site so you’ll know what to expect instead of making a blind purchase.

What is great about the smartphone world today is that you can obtain one without necessarily breaking the bank, unlike in the older days when you have to spend a fortune for a feature phone. This just proves how mobile technology has evolved to address user demands, and is sure to flourish in the many more years to come. For the meantime, we have the current and leading UK phones reviewed and compiled to serve as a guide for buyers. Planet Mobiles is here to provide an overview of each smartphone and it’s up to you to decide on which one to pick based on your unique preference. The site will be continuously updated with the freshest releases to keep you informed and help you make a sound buying decision.

We can expect that there will be many more releases in the next few months and years to come, and shouldn’t be surprised with more innovations that are sure to happen in the future of the mobile industry. Surely the focus will be more on bigger phones, and we can expect more releases in the phablet line, but it’s not also impossible that the public will crave again for the smaller, more compact devices. Regardless, we can anticipate for mobile demand to further increase and for other companies to join in the mobile production as well. Still, no matter what the mobile scene has to offer, Planet Mobiles is sure to be around and keep you updated with the best and trending gadgets that are bound to take the world by storm.