iPhone 5s Review

Design and Build

While others may prefer the familiar look and feel of the iPhone 5s, there are those who might get disappointed with the fact that it does look very similar to the iPhone 5. It still has the same 4-inch Retina display with 326ppi. This is definitely a let down for those hoping for Apple to rush into creating bigger phones just like the rest of the competitors, but for those who prefer smaller devices, this is great news.

But if you really like to explore the minor differences from the iPhone 5, there is the new home button responsible for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and thus now lack the square imagery. There’s also the oblong flash instead of the old circular. iPhone 5s also comes in new color selections in silver, gold, and space grey. While silver is identical to the white iPhone 5 and the space grey replaces the black, the gold is something to pick if you want to tell the world that you own the latest iPhone.

Touch ID

The biggest thing that has probably happened to the iPhone 5s is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. What’s interesting is that you can now use any finger of either hand to unlock your phone, and even use your toes too if you want. This is an effortless technology that is easy to use, and is as simple as just resting your finger on the home button to open your phone. The Touch ID is also useful for verifying purchases from the App Store.


Though Apple has chosen to stick with the same 8-MP camera, there are significant enhancements with the 5s’s sensor. First, the sensor itself is made larger and there’s a slightly wider aperture to capture light better. Flash is also improved, which consists of two bulbs, white and amber. The native camera app is now able to monitor what’s happening around the scene and decides which combination of flash is needed.

Battery Life

Apple claims that the 5s can hold up to 10 hours of video playback, 10 hours of LTE surfing, and 40 hours of audio playback, doing nothing else. Based on tests, the phone had an impressive battery life, although it will always still depend on how hard the user wants to push it.


  • New fingerprint technology
  • Enhancements in the iOS 7
  • Impressive camera
  • Good battery life


  • Same screen size and resolution
  • No NFC
  • Very expensive
  • Not much of an improvement from the iPhone 5

The Verdict

Lacking major improvements from the iPhone 5, the 5s may seem like an average phone for previous owners of the 5. Still, for those who own older iPhone devices or who are looking to jump into the smartphone world, the iPhone 5s is a good place to start. It is elegantly simple, and works powerfully but seamlessly. Undoubtedly, it is currently one of the best phones in the market today and one that is definitely worth your money.